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project theatre intelligence service

this is exactly what’s going on

project analytics

nothing ahead to fear...

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market analytics

... and everything to gain

... best to put up your HUD

For suppliers, service companies and management teams in the projects world, projistics provides our HUDs for key information - using easy tools, metrics, analytics, reports and services that short-circuit some otherwise difficult and time-consuming tasks – giving you the opportunity to see and focus on trajectory.



heads-up displays


See yourself and the marketplace in ways not possible before – easier, cheaper, smarter, faster – with [spectrum]

[spectrum] is our specially designed interface where all suppliers and services companies (and individuals) across the project industries get a most telling view of how they are positioned among the broader market. This innovative approach saves vendors and buyers enormous time, money and resources – and provides secure, confidential benchmark data unlike anything else.

And, it is included the EPC Lens membership. Crazy.

continuous & calibrated for a changing world

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Project measurement, statistics, and analytics tool and services.

How much time and energy do you and your team spend on reporting? We are pretty sure it is too much.

Coming soon from projistics is [site glass] – the project-centric, web-based tool to enable quick assessment, decision-making and client-confidence. Measurement, analysis and reporting functions are about to take a quantum leap up, while using less time and energy. How does that work?

                         Wait for it…

this is exactly what’s going on

projistics is a special services division of EPC Lens, Inc.