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about EPC Lens Inc.

  • EPC Lens Inc., is an employee owned Canadian corporation with additional shareholders from the engineering, procurement and construction industries in Canada.

    We leverage guidance from an advisory board from within and outside of the region and industry

  • to help with direction, governance and counsel. Our advisory board - ‘aurora’ - comprises a body of twelve capable minds that have built careers and private enterprises in service of capital projects everywhere.

  • EPC Lens was founded in western Canada with the sharp objective to become the uniquely superior capital project intelligence service and platform around the globe.

    We are an independent corporation in the unbiased, confidential service of everyone in the capital projects theatre.

contact Aurora directly - we see everything

how about you?

Our members are people with cool ideas and expertise, knowledge, curiousity and ambition.

Do you wonder what the epc world thinks of you? Well, we think about you all the time, and we want to know you.

Undoubtedly, you are a person with interest in the worlds of engineering, procurement and construction - whether in the practice of law or skilled trades, safety or sales, manufacturing or drafting, management or apprenticeship.

We are your support, guidance and ideal platform to reach the vast, powerful communities that drive our great industry.

EPC Lens does not tell anyone what to do. Instead, we empower each to do more - much, much more.

Let us empower you, too. Our enterprise has opportunities for people of all talent levels, disciplines, knowledge and interests.

Please contact us to begin a discussion that may change your place in the world of capital projects.

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